Two old Soldiers grove and Our Brand


Since early Greek and Roman civilisations Olive trees have
symbolised peace. The Dove bought Noah back an olive branch.
Two olive branches encompass the UN logo. The eagle in the
American coat of arms holds an olive branch.

Olive trees are a poignant reminder of the struggles and
sacrifices made by New Zealanders in during World War 2
particularly in Greece and Crete.

With both our fathers serving in WW2 we felt it appropriate
that we used the Olives to remember them and all our old soldiers.

Our Two old Soldiers olive grove is situated in the stunning region of Waipara, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

The grove, of over 1500 olive trees, is nestled in a north facing and sheltered valley, with rich alluvial soil and grown with best sustainable practices.

With each season, the harvest can be selective. Our olive varieties from Israel, Spain, Italy & France include Barnea, Frantoio, Leccino, Manzanilla, Picaul, Picholene and Uovo.

Harvested and cold pressed within 24hours, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Certification each season, we bring to you the fresh aroma of a quality Extra Virgin Olive oil, fruity and herbaceous to compliment a variety of cuisine.

May this Olive oil, bring great pleasure to you and your families.


Stock photo NZ archives/ WW2 New Zealand soldiers in an olive grove.“Stock photo NZ archives/ WW2 New Zealand soldiers in an olive grove.”


The Waipara land,  from which our  grove  was established, was gifted to returning WW2 soldiers.

May our Two Old Soldiers Extra Virgin Olive oil, bring great  pleasure to you and your families.