What is Pyrethrin?

Pyrethrin is the extract from the Pyrethrin Chrysanthemum. The main properties of Pyrethrin are what make it fast acting against a broad range of insects.

How Does it Work?

Pyrethrin is dispensed in a micro fine way that disperses through the atmosphere on air flow. Heat, light and humidity break the product down and it is inert within 2 hours so there is no build up.

Is it a Natural Pyrethrin?

Yes our Pyrethrin is 100% natural.

Is it Safe?

YES! It has a very good flushing effect on insects such as cockroaches and it has a very safe history of use by humans. To date, insects have been unable to develop significant resistance against natural Pyrethrin

My Dispenser isn't spraying, what do I do?

    1. Check and/or replace your batteries, if the battery charge is low then the dispenser will fail to work correctly.
    2. Turn the dispenser OFF for 20sec then turn it ON. It should spray immediately *Note: Please ensure it is away from your face when turning it back on.
    3. If the Dispenser didn't spray, place a piece of cardboard under the can to lift it a couple of millimetres, this usually resolves the problem.
    4. If you are still having problems you can Click Here  to contact us for repair/replacement (for warranty). Also please ensure your contact details are included.


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