Natural Insect Control

To help ensure you select the correct cans for you:
  • 150g fits both our old white dispensers and our new white and grey dispenser.
(Along with Mortein, Airwick, Pestrol and other brands.)
  • 185g fits our new white and grey dispensers.
  • 312g fits Robocan/Raid type dispensers.
  • Screw in 150g fits Ecomist or screw in type dispensers.
Our 'Sentinel' Insect Control System has been designed to make your home a very unpopular environment for all crawling or flying insects.

We have selected 100% NATURAL PYRETHRIN from the Tasmanian Chrysanthemum as our active ingredient. It protects your home and family by maintaining an adequate level of airborne microscopic droplets of pyrethrin that are fatal to insects’ yet non-toxic to people or pets. Insects are able to detect the presence of pyrethrin in the air and avoid it at all costs.
How Your Kiwi Organix SWAT TEAM Works For YOU
The Kiwi Organix SWAT TEAM range, produced here in New Zealand, has been made with kiwi homes in mind. Whether you’re an inner city apartment dweller, a suburban home maker or you’re out on the farm, this range is perfect for you!
The active ingredient in Kiwi Organix SWAT TEAM aerosol cans is Pyrethrin which is widely known as one of the safest insecticides on the market.
Pyrethrins are natural pesticides or insecticides that are found in chrysanthemum flowers (Chrysanthemum Cinerarifolium) and are commonly used to control mosquitoes, fleas, flies, moths, ants, and many other pests.  Pyrethrins are known as a ‘broad spectrum repellent’ as they effectively repel or kill a wide range of insects.
How do Pyrethrins work?
When insects come into contact with Pyrethrins, it excites their nervous system, leading to paralysis and then death. Pyrethrins are also a very effective repellent as insects are able to detect the presence of pyrethrin in the air, then hastily get out and STAY OUT!
Are Pyrethrins safe around people?
The low level of Pyrethrins in each Kiwi Organix SWAT TEAM can is non-toxic for both humans and animals, but strong enough to repel and knockout insects, keeping your home pest free!
Pyrethrins break down very quickly when exposed to heat, light and humidity and are inert within 2 hours, ensuring no build up of product in your home. Each Kiwi Organix SWAT TEAM dispenser releases small amounts of Pyrethrins into the air at regular intervals, to ensure that not only are bugs knocked out, they’re kept out! You control the frequency of the spray according to the insect numbers, weather, seasonal changes and needs of your environment.